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File:Future Combined with Science Fiction October 1941.jpg|thumb|right|Wollheim's "Pogo Planet", the first installment of his "Alex Calkins" series, was the cover story for the October 1941 issue of ''Future Science Fiction and Science Fiction Stories|Future''. It appeared under Wollheim's "Martin Pearson" pseudonym and was illustrated by Hannes Bok. '''Donald Allen Wollheim''' (October 1, 1914 – November 2, 1990) was an American people|American science fiction List of science fiction editors|editor, publisher, List of science fiction authors|writer, and science fiction fandom|fan. As an author, he published under his own name as well as under pseudonyms, including '''David Grinnell'''. A founding member of the Futurians, he was a leading influence on science fiction development and fandom in the 20th century United States.
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